We provide following services:

  • Server Management
  • Virtual View
  • Server Monitoring
  • 24/7 Helpline
  • Server Replacement
  • Technical Support


we bring you online in 3 mins

If your server is down, we will follow your instructions to reboot it or notify your datacenter to request a reboot.

We can also notify you of outages by email, sms text message, and by phone.

Our response time on reboots is guaranteed within approx. 15 minutes!

Monitoring Stats:

See your monitoring logs online in realtime and receive weekly uptime reports by email

Within 6 Hour Response Time Guarantee for Support Tickets

Statistically, most tickets are responded to in less than 1 hour.

Within 24 Hour Resolution Time Guarantee for Support Tickets

Statistically, most tickets are completely resolved in less than 3 hours.

Unlimited Admin Work Time:

We do not limit the amount of work we do for you, and we do not have any additional fees.

We will never ask you to pay more for anything you request.

PCI Compliance:

We will make sure your server is compliant with the latest industry requirements and standards for conducting e-commerce on your server safely and securely and to pass a PCI scan.

Server Software Support and Upgrades:

We support the entire server, the OS, Kernel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Exim, FTP, WHM/cPanel, etc.

Initial Server Setup:

If you have a new server, we’ll setup and configure the server, nameservers, and everything you need completely from scratch to get the server ready for your use.

Server Backup Configuration & Restoration:

We can configure backups on your server and we can also restore the backups for you too. We can also do a full system restore from your backups if necessary.

Hardware Failure Recovery

If you have a hard drive or hardware failure, we will rebuild your server from scratch and restore your server from backups.

Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery

If your server is crashed or hacked, we will determine the cause and rebuild your entire system from backups.

Server Migration

If you are moving accounts from one server to another, we will migrate them for you from the old server to the new server.

You must have root access and cPanel running on both the old server as well as the new server.

3rd Party Server Software Installation

SSL Certificates & AutoSSL and Letsencrypt, Softaculous, Fantastico, Installatron, RVSkin, RVSiteBuilder,

ClamAV, Mailscanner, ZendOptimizer, Ioncube, PHP Caching software, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick,

All PHP modules such as GD, Curl, Freetype, Mbstring, etc, and All Perl modules,

CloudLinux/CageFS/PHPselector, MultiPHP, CloudFlare Proxy/CDN, etc.

Yum & Kernel updates

We will update all system packages, including all yum updates and Kernel updates.

Spam protection

We will configure antispam measures to help prevent inbound and outbound spam.

Hack & Malware/Virus/Phishing protection

We will harden the server to help prevent hacking. We can also trace and remove any suspicious activity found

and respond and resolve any abuse complaints you receive.

Server Optimization

We will optimize your server to run as best as possible so you can get the most out of your server.

System Security & Hardening

Recommended to be done on a monthly basis
Malware/Virus scanwe can scan your server for malicious files and viruses and quarantine or remove them for you
CHKRootKita simple program that detects hacker software and notifies you if any has been detected via email
RootKit Hunterscanning tool to ensure your system does not have any backdoors or exploits
Securing and Upgrading of SSH Serverincreases security during ssh connections
CSF or APF Firewallmost commonly used policy based iptables firewall
LFD login failure detectionprotects against brute force login attacks
Anti-DoS configuration helps mitigate denial of service type attacks
Brute Force Detectionnotifies you of numerous login authentication failures and automatically blocks the attackers ip in the firewall
AntiSpam detection and prevention software to help prevent incoming and outgoing spam from the server.
Log Analysis Software InstallationEmails are dispatched daily, the amount of detail in the emails can be changed on request
System Integrity Monitor24×7 Internal Monitor that checks all services and restarts them if they are down
SPRI changes the priority of different processes in accordance to level of importance, hence increasing server performance
Secure and Optimize Apache (HTTP) tweaks apache to perform better, and prevent unnecessary information from being easily seen
MySQL optimizationincreases performance of MySQL
host.conf hardening prevent dns lookup poisoning & spoofing protection
nsswitch.conf modificationsecure and optimize DNS lookups
sysctl.conf hardening helps prevent TCP/IP stack from syn-flood attacks and other network abuses
FTP Hardening upgrade and secure your ftp software
Removal of unused softwareprevents exploits and wasted resources
Removal of old logs regain wasted space by deleting old archived logs
Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection prevents a user logged into a shell from consuming all the resources on the server
Root Loggerlogs and emails you everytime someone accesses root with the timestamp and their ip address
MyTOP tool for monitoring MySQL threads and processes
MultiTailview multiple log files simultaneously
TMP Directory hardening ( /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)helps prevents execution of malicious scripts
Password Scannerscans for easy to guess and common passwords
Filemanagerallows you to edit system files through WHM in case SSH is inaccessible
Firewall Adminallows you to edit firewall allow & deny list and config through WHM
Malware & Virus scanning ClamAV Clamscan, LMD Maldet, etc., software to scan the server for malware and viruses
Mod_Securityprotects against common url based hack injections (installed upon specific request only)
Mod_Evasivedefends http based attacks (installed upon specific request only)
PHP Tighteningtweaks php to run in a safer and restricted environment (installed upon specific request only)
….plus more!