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Proactive Domain Protection


The optimized DomainSafe provides the best protection for domains against unwanted access by third parties. The valuable domains are protected by multiple layers of security and locked individually with a PIN/mTAN process.

Several personalized verification steps are needed to carry out changes to a protected domain. A new mTAN must be used for each domain order, thereby preventing anybody from gaining access to your domains.


Why to Use DomainSafe?

On a daily basis, a number of thousand domain get stolen, and numerous WordPress blogs get hacked.

You could not manage to be on the listing of people losing their domain names under avoidable circumstances. You must avoid domain burglary whatsoever price to make sure that the property you have actually bought for many years will not get taken.

In case you do not know, your domain is a part of your brand name identity, as well as it’s additionally a prospective portal to wide range.

You might have heard that some domain have been cost millions of dollars in the past. Simply recently, Travelzoo offered the domain for $2.89 million. This was the same domain they got in 2009 for $1.76 million.

All that aside, do you recognize that there are easy methods you can safeguard your domain name against burglary?

Recognizing the various strategies utilized by domain burglars will help you in taking positive steps to maintain your name secure.


Access Security For All TLDS at SUPERname


Integrated into the SUPERname domain management software, AutoDNS, the useful security feature offers reliable domain protection. Domains for all ccTLDs, gTLDs and new gTLDs available at SUPERname can be kept secure in DomainSafe!

DomainSafe – Advantages

  • Available for all TLDs in the InterNetX portfolio
  • Order DomainSafe conveniently online in
  • AutoDNS
  • Available for bulk orders
  • No (re-) validation fee
  • Low price per domain and month

Pricing Plans


£ 2
  • 1 Domain


£ 7
  • 5 Domains
Best Value


£ 15
  • 25 Domains