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Backup for your mail system


Better look ahead than have a look! With the BackupMX 2.0 you can prevent possible e-mail losses in the event of a failure of your primary mail server.

If the primary mail server does not work, the BackupMX service takes over the storage of incoming mail and keeps it in the cache (up to 14 days) until the mail server is available again. In 5-minute intervals, it is checked whether the primary mail server is reachable. If the mail server is running again, the stored e-mails are reliably delivered.

How does it work?

Add our backup mx record and forget the rest.

No Backdoor for Junk.

We utilize greylisting and highly reputable blacklists to curb over 95% of spam. You won’t have to worry about a backdoor for spam getting to your mail server by using our backup mx service.

No Limits.

We don’t limit how much email we spool for your domain or how much disk space your emails take up. We’ll spool the messages up to 7 days.

BackupMX 2.0 - the services

E-mail caching
Up to 14 days from the failure of the primary mail server

5-minute interval delivery attempts (caching)
Regular check of the reachability of the primary mail server

Multiple locations of secondary mail servers
Available at one or three fully autonomous locations
(Karlsruhe, Frankfurt am Main, Munich)

Use of the IPv6 structure
IPv6 compatibility is automatic

Security for several hundred domains
Backup for up to 250 domains possible, more on request

Basic MX

£ 1
  • 1 Location
  • Max 250 Domains
Best Price

Premium MX

£ 9
  • 3 Locations
  • Max 250 Domains