Decide to sell your Clients?

We your customers

Deciding to sell is a big decision, but we believe that as the gaining company we can make that decision a little easier. That’s because to us, it’s not just a question of numbers – taking over an active client base is about finding the right fit. We want to provide an excellent service for your clients, not just acquire as many customers as possible. Quality trumps quantity.

Our technical ability and ethos give you the peace of mind and confidence that what you’ve worked so hard to create is going to a good home.

To date we have been involved in 7 acquisitions. Each and every time we work closely with the seller to ensure a smooth client transition, minimising hassle for everyone involved.

Entrusting us with your client base means:

  • Being fairly remunerated for your hard work.
  • Outstanding customer support—our customers love us!
  • A team of hosting heroes committed to doing things the right way (and the stats to back it up!)



What we want

We’ll consider purchasing the client base of any  shared hosting company. However, we don’t purchase physical assets as we’ll migrate all clients to our data center, and place them on our own equipment. We are experts at migrating sites, and we guarantee a smooth, painless migration with minimal disruption of service. Alternatively we can overtake a existing shared server and continue the server rental.

Your company must meet all of the following:

  • A registered Company 
  • Company has been established for at least 1 year
  • Company is growing or is showing stable turnover
  • Uses cPanel/WHM or Plesk

Qualities we search for

We prefer companies that have the following:

  • Over 500 cPanel hosting accounts
  • WHMCS billing system
  • Use Namecheap/InternetX or NIC-Direct for .com, .net, .org etc domains
  • Majority of domains use your nameservers
  • Supplier contracts on monthly basis or near renewal


We’ll offer 3-12 months of revenue generated from shared, business and reseller hosting accounts. We don’t count domain revenue as we charge just above cost. We’re also open to providing a bonus for hitting performance and retention targets on the anniversary. We’ve found this is a great way to ensure a smooth transition, which is a win for seller, buyer and the clients.

The important thing here is that we’re not just interested in the amount of money that your clients make you, or could make us – we want to make sure we’re a good fit for your clients. We’re looking to take on board happy clients who respect quality and keep them happy, whilst protecting your legacy. If we’re the right fit, we can build lasting relationships. Clients from previous acquisitions stay with us for years. Some have been with us a decade!

How Much are you Worth?

Take the total of your annual shared, business and reseller hosting revenue then calculate your average monthly revenue by dividing by 12. We’ll pay between 3 and 12 months of revenue, depending on the other factors listed above. You can also earn extra months revenue for hitting the bounties listed above.


How to get started

If you want to get on with selling your clients to us, below are the 3 steps we need to get the ball rolling. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us and send the NDA over to us. If we all agree on all points we can get the sale over and done with within 1 week from the first point of contact.

Sign NDA

If you meet the minimum requirements we’ll send you a digitally-signable NDA so we can talk confidently about your specifics.


As part of this process we’ll look at the state of your company and get to know a little bit more about you, your clients and your ethos. If it’s a fit we’ll negotiate a price that works for both parties.

Exchange Contracts

We’ll agree a sale date and schedule of events. This lets us line up the resources required to ensure a smooth transition, such as new hardware, staff etc and plan the merger.

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